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Avoid Foreclosure
Written by Anthony C. Martin
Avoid Foreclosure

Are you a few months behind on your mortgage?

Your phone is simply bursting from the lender calls?

Are you ready to give up?

This situation is observed all across America and around the world. Banks have made it very easy to get a lot of money from real estate. Prices for houses grew, the real estate market was booming. It seemed that every homeowner had his own gold mine. All this led the world to financial disaster.

Of course no one has a desire to experience foreclosure on his house. People are working hard to avoid this unpleasant procedure. Nobody takes a mortgage intending not to repay the loan and have a foreclosure on the house. But sometimes unforeseen events that may prevent payment of the mortgage can happen in life. A person can lose his job, get sick, get injured. Any of these events may lead to a financial collapse.

You do not want to experience foreclosure on your house, and the creditor also do not want this. The lender makes money off the fact that you take the mortgage and pay his interest. If he will make foreclosure on your home, then he will not receive the interest. This situation is not profitable for lenders, so most of them will be ready to examine your circumstances and work with you to avoid home foreclosure.


The main thing is not to let the situation to chance. Be sure to talk with your lender immediately as soon as you have got any problem. If you neglect this, you can be seriously behind on the mortgage and then for sure lose credibility or trust of the lender. You will not have much time to contact the lender and tell him about your problems. After two weeks of delay the lender will call you and ask about what happened and why are you delaying payment. A month later he will call more often. And if in 3 months you will not reach any agreement and not repay overdue amount, the procedure of foreclosure of the home will be initiated.

We can advise you to trust your lender, contact him and search some option to exit from a difficult situation together. There are various options that can be used to correct the situation. For example, if an accident occurred that prevented you to make your payments in time, the lender may allow you to pay the arrears later. Some lenders may take into account your difficulties and reduce monthly payments, and maybe even reduce the interest rate. To find out if this is possible you just need to communicate with the lender directly and ask him about it.

So stay positive, strong, confident and good luck! We hope that our advices will help you to avoid a foreclosure.